To Fix or Not To Fix

Imagine you are crocheting a large project to give as a gift. As you put the finishing touches on the last row, you discover a small mistake in the middle of the project that would take you hours to correct. Would you:

 (a) Fix it so the gift will be as perfect as you can make it.

 (b) Ignore it and hope no one notices it.
Personally, it would depend. Usually (b), I would just ignore it and pray no one notices it, however if it’s truly noticable or a simple fix I would go back and fix it. I have taken out four rows of a graph-ghan to fix an error.

61.2% of the 523 people who have taken this poll at Annies Attic chose (b) ignore it.

How about you?


2 responses to “To Fix or Not To Fix

  1. My first response is… close are we to the delivery of the gift ? Is there time to correct ? If not, ignore it and give the gift. If it is very small. say nothing as the whole nature of hand made is really a gift from the heart and is not meant to be as perfect as a machine would make. If it is more obvious and cannot be masked with embellishments, then give the gift and tell the recipient later that you had noticed the flaw just as you were wrapping it and you’d love to take it back and fix it. Most likely that person will tell you to never mind as they know the gift came from the heart.

  2. I would choose (b).

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