Who Am I?

Who am I? Well a lot of people call me Nikki, but on the net I am usually Trinichiq or Trinichiqn. I am 27 years old, from Trinidad and Tobago, I love to cook and bake, I taught myself how to crochet. My first favourite stitch is Granny, I was a pro at making squares and little else. I remember my mother would get annoyed with me because she said that I was not making anything just wasting money. I look back on these years, my learning years, and I think she must just be kicking herself now. I have just successfully completed two gorgeous (if I don’t say so myself) afghans, one of which is for my little sister. I made a round pillow (using Tunisian) and a few other stuff. I see her wistfully looking at what I made, plus she’s always telling me how great my stuff looks or asking what I’m making now. I know it’s wrong to enjoy it so much but I can’t help it. Anyhow I go sidetracked, ME, I work in accounting. I love my job because I am on the computer whole day so I have sufficient time to browse the various sites, blogs and groups. Because of my job however, I am more of a weekend crochet-er. I pick up my hooks for about four hours sometimes more on Saturday and that’s it for the week. Sometimes I am able to put in an hour or two on Sunday or an hour or less during the week. When I don’t get in my Saturday I usually am antsy whole week, I do not consider myself artistic but everyone needs a way to relieve stress, a creative outlet; mine are cooking, baking and crochet. I cook twice a week, bake once if I’m lucky; and those are not even on the scale that I would like which only happens about once or twice a year for my birthday and sometimes Christmas or Mother’s Day. So crochet is my only outlet that I don’t need a reason. How many of you out there use crochet as your creative outlet? What other outlets do you have?

My Tunisian Flower Pillow


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