The Right Start

Last night I spent over two hours trying to start my next project, but then again that is not entirely correct, I spent over 8 hours starting Thursday. Here’s what happened:

  1. I decided I wanted to do a ripple afghan using Tunisian. I thought about it, I got the pattern, I looked at it and I decided how wide I wanted it, how many stitches I needed and what size hook to use.
  2. Wednesday being a holiday (in Trinidad) I decided that I would use my day off to get a good start so I could work at my leisure. Especially considering I wanted to make a gigantic afghan 421 stitches which came up to over 100” wide.
  3. 421 stitches cannot fit on a 14” I hook. Plus it’s too tight and difficult to maneuver, but I continue for 3 rows.
  4. I think to myself this is ridiculous. I should reduce the stitches and increase the hook. So I decided 211 stitches with an M hook.
  5. An M hook is way to large for the size yarn I had chosen so it looked way too loose. My day and my patience is at an end, I’ll think about it and decide which one to continue. (I kept both pieces intact just in case I changed my mind).
  6. Thursday, Annie’s Attic posted a beautiful ripple afghan in it’s free pattern a day. It’s a baby afghan so I need to make some adjustments.
  7. I couldn’t figure out the break down for the stitch calculation so I decided to keep the stitch count but change the hook size. (H to and N).
  8. Accidentally pick up the wrong size hook, misread the instructions and make a few critical errors. Don’t realize anything until the 3rd row.
  9. Rip out the stitches; start over with the correct size hook and the correct instructions.
  10. Finally I seem to be on the right track. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

There are no pictures to document my horrors but if everything continues to go right I will have pics to document my progress.

I think I mentioned that I’m a weekend crochet-er , if not well I am, so to come home after a stressful and rainy Friday was not fun, and my mountain of mistakes was even less fun, but I just hate to leave a problem unsolved. Besides a good foundation is extremely important in construction, financial planning and crochet, so I always try to make a GOOD START, I just that I will have an excellent finish.


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