A Piece Of Me

 A week ago, two Saturdays ago to be exact I completed an afghan for my little sister (she’s actually my cousin but that’s a story for another time). I graphed it, wrote out the instructions and crocheted it. I put my heart

Queen Of The Deckinto it, often thinking of her (good and bad) while I did it.

After it was finished and I took the appropriate picture I gave it to her, I probably took it back at least a half-a-dozen times (not that she knew, I snuck into her room). I found it so hard to give it up.

I didn’t think I would have such a problem with it because that was the plan all along. I was playing around with some designs when she asked me to make her something, except for the concept she didn’t see it until it was finished. Her expression when she saw it was priceless and reward enough for my work but after handing it to her I felt like a piece of myself.

I had plans to give a lot of homemade things for Christmas this year. I have no idea how I am going to cope if I have to go through this the whole time.

However I could keep telling myself it’s because it’s my first gift or that we all live in the same house. I am getting over it though.

Queen of The Deck Header


5 responses to “A Piece Of Me

  1. interesting idea for an afghan!

  2. Thanks. My sister is 12 so this has the right
    pre-teen/teen vibe to it.
    She’s loving it cause she’s the queen, with her name on it there is no mistake.
    Plus we are a game playing family, I have a design for one for chess too but the whole cards “Queen of The Deck” theme seemed to suit better. I want to do one for monopoly with the heading “Money Bags” or something. We also love scrabble so I should do something with that. I have another sister and lots of pre-teen/teen cousins.

  3. Wow… your blanket is phenomenal… and I’m sure your sister feels the love of your gift everytime she uses it.

  4. Thanks. I hope so.

  5. That is an awesome blanket- the skill, care and time spent on it shines through!

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