Colour me…..How?

How do you pick the colors you use in a project?

 (a)I use the colors designated in the materials list.

 (b)I use a color wheel to plan my color palette.

 (c)I research color combinations in books, catalogs and online.

 (d)I take into consideration whom I am making the project for and his or her favorite colors or home decor.

 (e)I use what I have in my stash and let the color chips fall where they may.
I rarely use the colours provided in the material list unless it is absolutely necessary to the keeping of the intergrity of the pattern.

If it’s something simple and quick that I just saw and had to do I use the colours that I have (which I am doing now on a pot holder that I’m working on)

But usually I research my color combos and choose something that’s appealling to me or the person the project is for.

66% of the 483 persons who took this poll at Annie’s Attic chose (d)

What about you?


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