In The Bag

My sister got me so pissed off on Wednesday that I had to do something to channel my anger. Refocus my hands before they accidentally found their way around her neck.

I picked up my hook, now I have two projects on hook already but those are not what I had in mind.

I needed something quick and easy.

I have never done a bag before much less on using tunisian but I managed to do this drawstring bag to contain my anger. You know the child had the audacity to laugh at me as I sat there say “Lord give me patience”. True I started laughing too.

So this little bag, my little hook and a little laughter had my anger all bagged up in just a matter of hours.

Drawstring Bag


2 responses to “In The Bag

  1. interesting color-yellow. it shines a lot 🙂

  2. I think I needed something to brighten my mood. Although I just pulled a skein from my stash I had other colours. And the black was on top of the yellow.

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