Picture Perfect

How is it possible to get my pictures full sized and looking right on my blog. So far I have had to resize all my pictures and they don’t all look right after the fact.

My Choc-Aid Afgan (Never Stop Learning post) looks like a chubby midget (no offence to anyone). My Drawstring Bag in one pic looks like a string bean in one pic and bloated in the other.

How do people get there pictures to look right, cause I need help.


4 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    As for the pictures, are you using Flickr? I find that if you want to use the standard large size, you have to get the image location from the actual large pic and not the thumbnail version (does that make sense? click on the pic and go to the page with the larger pic to get the url).

    But if you want to resize the pics to what you want….hmmm. I’m still looking for a quicker/surer way of getting the blog to look right…it bothers my graphic arts side of my brain when the pics don’t observe any consistent columns. Now if only my web skills got caught up with it!

  2. I use photobucket. Do you think it would possibly be better if I used Flickr. I am just so horrible at this.

  3. I looked at your page source and it looks like you are setting the height and width of your images. If you only set a width, then I think everything should be fine. I think you can edit this by editing your post. Under the title it says post, visual code. Click code. Then delete the height=”number” and or height:numberpx;

    Try that.

  4. El, I tried your tip and it worked. My Choc Aid Afghan does not look so much like a midget anymore but it still looks a little chubby but there is much I can do about the width without loosing half my picture.

    So thanks.

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