That Little Old Lady

The Granny Square. It’s my favourite square. You can make it small and join to make a larger piece (they make great patterns) or you can make it big enough so that it’s an afghan or whatever all on it’s own.

Granny SquareGranny Square

It starts as a ring, an easy 3,4 or 5-chain count. No long chain where you can drop count, short and simple. It’s a simple repetitive pattern, a simple sequence that can easily be continued beyond the given pattern instructions.

Most of my grannies are continued patterns, some without a pattern. Just something I did with the memory of the pattern in my head as I made a few superfluous changes to create my own.

There is also the half-granny, the granddaughter and a few other deviations. I myself only know how to make the half-granny but I have seen a few of the others.

That wonderful old lady.

I love Granny don’t you?


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