Group Therapy

Yahoo Groups. Msn Groups. Whateverelse Groups. These online communities are a wonderful help, assistance and failsafe for whatever you might be into.

Since I’m into crochet, especially tunisian, I have found groups for both. These groups have been important additions to my crocheting life. I can ask for help when I’m stuck, get opinions and just generally “chat” with people of like interest.

I had trouble graphing my letters for the “Queen of the Deck” afghan so I sent out an S.O.S. at a few of my favourite group sites and the response was overwhelming. I got graphed letters of varing style, proportion and quality. It was amazing.

People also share their work and original patterns. Someone almost always knows how to do something you don’t and is will to share or help.

My computer is now giving trouble and I am temporarily cut off from my groups. So I send out this ode to my groups until I see you again.

Two of my favourite groups are:


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