In Limbo

Currently I only have internet at work so I am always playing catch-up these days. Not just at work, at home I have chapters to read (which I am not doing), as well as anything that fell short from work that day or anything else from previous days.

Crochet is now ridiculously low on my to-do list, personal time for myself is probably the only thing lower. I have two projects currently on hook and going nowhere fast.

Days like these are where I wish I had a magic wand or whatever to just take away all my worries and fix everything. That way my crochet list for the year would be finished or at least almost instead of barely dented. I would have all my books and tapes exam ready, I would know I left that diskette that I really need to find.

I think I need a vacation away from my life for a few years.


One response to “In Limbo

  1. Keep your chin up and try to make some time for yourself. Even if it means getting up 1/2 earlier so you can get in some time for crochet (but, I am not a morning person…I would stay up later) Hang in there.

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