Back from the Brink

I never get sick. I have sinus problem and get the occassional sniffles but really and truly can’t get out of bed has never happened to me until a little over two weeks ago.

Something was going around the Friday and by Saturday I was down. Monday I put on a brave face and went to work, I didn’t even last an hour. I didn’t eat for four days, I was on a diet of water and juice. Even when I finally ate I wasn’t hungry after three bites I was tired and sleepy. I was always thirsty and those juice drinks were a godsend.

I had a reaction to some medication, and I just came off of antibiotics on Saturday. My face around my nose and mouth is still scarred but I look better from the initial reaction although I am still a little self-conscious but hey.

My sick leave is up today so I’m back to work but I still have a cough and I get tired easily but I am on my way back.


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