My Mojo is Gone….

I think I’ve lost my crochet mojo or something. First I was extremely busy and didn’t have two minutes to myself. Then I was sick and could barely get out of bed so it has been a couple of months since hook and yarn have met in my hands.

 The other day I tried to start a project but everything was coming out wrong. I had to scrap it over and over again and I still didn’t get it.

Christmas is around the corner, I recently found out that a friend is pregnant. Projects are just calling my name and I just can’t seem to do anything right.

I know it’s probably just a phase but it’s a very frustrating one. Today when I go home I want to try something smaller and hope I’m back on track, if not………


2 responses to “My Mojo is Gone….

  1. Don’t worry about it too much. It’s a common problem with crafters. I find that switching to something else for a little while helps, or doing something small or quick. But the more you think about it, the harder it seems to be to get back into the groove. One of my favorite things to do is randomly choose a project and just start it.

  2. Tania that’s good advice, I had planned to try something yesterday after work but now I’m going to wait until weekend and take it slow. I’m not going for a big project, I have some scrap yarn so I’ll try a few squares, see how that goes.

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