Balls in The Air

After a practically crochet-free 2008, I am having a crochet-full 2009. I have already finished two projects and am currently working on three. A baby afghan, an adult afghan and a sweater, all in tunisian crochet. Now all this in addition to a full-time job as well as I’m supposed to be studying, plus have a social life. So this is how I am juggling: the baby afghan is worked in panels so I am doing a panel a week (actually Mon-Wed), I’m doing the sweater on Thursday and Sunday, finally the adult afghan on Friday and Saturday when I have time, considering that it’s 200 stitches wide sometimes I only get five rows done a day. That’s okay though because I’m trying to make it big so I’ll just do as I go until it’s finished and I’ll start other projects around it. But I have so many ideas now, and so many I want to start but I want to finish at least one that I’m doing now. Also Kim Guzman has a new book out, Tunisian Around The Home that I want to get which has 13 patterns. So which me luck and hope I don’t drop a ball.


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