Balls in The Air

After a practically crochet-free 2008, I am having a crochet-full 2009. I have already finished two projects and am currently working on three. A baby afghan, an adult afghan and a sweater, all in tunisian crochet. Now all this in addition to a full-time job as well as I’m supposed to be studying, plus have a social life. So this is how I am juggling: the baby afghan is worked in panels so I am doing a panel a week (actually Mon-Wed), I’m doing the sweater on Thursday and Sunday, finally the adult afghan on Friday and Saturday when I have time, considering that it’s 200 stitches wide sometimes I only get five rows done a day. That’s okay though because I’m trying to make it big so I’ll just do as I go until it’s finished and I’ll start other projects around it. But I have so many ideas now, and so many I want to start but I want to finish at least one that I’m doing now. Also Kim Guzman has a new book out, Tunisian Around The Home that I want to get which has 13 patterns. So which me luck and hope I don’t drop a ball.


Promised Pictures

I promised in the last post that the pics of the baby sweater and hat were coming, so here they are.

baby-sweater in progress



Ignore the dates for some reason I always need to reset my camera’s dates, and I always forget.

Back On The Hook

2008 was not a great crochet year for me, but 2009 is shaping up to be better. I have already finished (pictures to come) a baby sweater and hat, I have a baby afghan in the works, as well as a full afghan. I just bought some yarn from, I needed some to complete the full afghan that I started but once I started buying, I started to see all these future projects that I wanted to do, so instead of buying just the two skeins of the colour I wanted, I ended buying a couple skeins of a few other colours that I liked. This year I want to finish at least one project a month and update my blog at least once a week. So here’s to 2009 being a great year for crochet cause I’m back on the hook.

Happy New Year 2008

To all my fellow bloggers and crocheters out there I wish you all a Very Happy, Prosperous and Productive 2008.

Why Do All Good Things Have To End?

My 16 year old cousin died yesterday.

He didn’t have the easiest of life. He was born with Sickle-cell anaemia, his mother died when he was three and he was dyslexic. Yet he always had a smile, always happy.

Sickle cell is a life-long, painful disease.

We were born 11 years, 11 days apart. I on the 7th November and he on the 18th. We had a special bond. He became a teenage boy and we drifted apart because I thought he would prefer to hang out with his friends.

I still saw him occasionally and I would tease him alot. He was such a beautiful boy, too young to leave this earth.

He was even doing good at school even with his problem.

He was a star that burned bright but is now gone to soon.

Mikel Holder 1990-2007. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy.

My Mojo is Gone….

I think I’ve lost my crochet mojo or something. First I was extremely busy and didn’t have two minutes to myself. Then I was sick and could barely get out of bed so it has been a couple of months since hook and yarn have met in my hands.

 The other day I tried to start a project but everything was coming out wrong. I had to scrap it over and over again and I still didn’t get it.

Christmas is around the corner, I recently found out that a friend is pregnant. Projects are just calling my name and I just can’t seem to do anything right.

I know it’s probably just a phase but it’s a very frustrating one. Today when I go home I want to try something smaller and hope I’m back on track, if not………

Back from the Brink

I never get sick. I have sinus problem and get the occassional sniffles but really and truly can’t get out of bed has never happened to me until a little over two weeks ago.

Something was going around the Friday and by Saturday I was down. Monday I put on a brave face and went to work, I didn’t even last an hour. I didn’t eat for four days, I was on a diet of water and juice. Even when I finally ate I wasn’t hungry after three bites I was tired and sleepy. I was always thirsty and those juice drinks were a godsend.

I had a reaction to some medication, and I just came off of antibiotics on Saturday. My face around my nose and mouth is still scarred but I look better from the initial reaction although I am still a little self-conscious but hey.

My sick leave is up today so I’m back to work but I still have a cough and I get tired easily but I am on my way back.