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Lion Brand Moderne Jacket CAL II

Okay, so I am finished. I actually finished a couple weeks ago but I have been too busy and too lazy to get here to talk about it. I think I mentioned that this was my first adult wearable but I have to say I liked it.  I changed the pattern so I could do it in tunisian. I think it came out very nicely.

My sister to some of the pics and they aren’t properly focused. I followed the  pattern using tunisian simple stitch instead of single crochet and I found that with the ch-1, I got a faux cable look.

If I manage to take a better picture, I’ll post it.

I kept notes of my progress on ravelry which is great for me because I tend to change stuff in a pattern or add and don’t remember what I did. Although I didn’t keep pattern notes I charted my progress and trials. I liked it.


I start my next CAL tonight which is Kim Guzman’s “Guatemalan Suprise”.  I am already envisioning a matching pillow or two, hope I have enough yarn.


Lion Brand Moderne Jacket CAL

So I am participating in Lion Brand’s CAL, The project is the Moderne Jacket. I have have modified it slightly since I am doing it in the Tunisian Simple Stitch as oppose to the single crochet. I started on March 7th, and am doing well. I don’t work on it everyday as I would like since I have other commitments as well as other projects that I am working on, but I am pleased with my progress.

I have completed the back and both front pieces. The fronts gave me some trouble, but I overcame. I think this is the first project that I have ever done where I had to frog so much of my work. Today I was buying yarn and the sales clerk asked me if I had a lot of patience when completing my work. I said sometimes, this was one of those times, I questioned if I should finish it or just cut my losses and do something else. This is my first CAL and I am the kind of person that does not like to fail, so I am moving along. I now believe I don’t really have patience, I am just stubborn. Hopefully it will pay off and I will have a great jacket to wear.

Here is the link to my project on ravelry: