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New Year, New Me

At least that’s what I hope. Last year I was very laxed in my posting and in my crocheting. This year I plan to be more active in both. I have joined a few swaps on Ravelry which should have me busy.

Speaking of swaps I did a scarf for A Secret Santa Swap I was in for Christmas

I do wish I had used a larger hook so the lacey effect would have come out better but I still love it.

I got myself a new, better, 14.2 mp camera so this year my picture will be better. Example
I have some stash yarn and I bought some today so that I can do a project in 3-Colour Tunisian. Fingers crossed that it comes out good before I get frustrated.
Plus I have projects to finish. I need to do a proper list, hopefully i can get that done this week and post what I want to make this year and then I can decide order. I have alot queued on Ravelry but I am getting ready to change my living situation plus a few other balls that I have in the air. Huh.

Here’s to 2010!!!