Where do you yarn…..?

Where do you purchase most of your yarn?

(a) The Internet
(b) A local yarn or department store

I get my best choices from the internet. For my little projects and experiments I use local sources because it’s faster. But where I live the choices are not large and not the best.

I usually look for free shipping and sales and discounts. Joann.com often offers free shipping and they have a wide variety.

Knitting-warehouse has a $5.95 standard shipping cost and a great array of choices and the prices are good.

Herschners has one of the best variety, there prices are reasonable but they rarely offer free shipping. When they do it’s a today for today kind of thing. However there delivery time is superb, I cannot complain, I often recieve my deliveries a couple days before they promised.

What about everyone else? What are the best places for increasing your stash? How do yarn suppliers stack up, what are their best qualities and worst?


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